May 28, 2013 Update

So hey guys!

This is just a friendly update regarding the progress of the website. has only been up a little over a month, and already we're getting over 30,000 people to the site everyday! That goes to show the amazing reception we've received, to which I'm incredibly grateful for.

To this day, May 28, 2013, we have gotten up 1,150 Hentai Episodes, and 440 Hentai Series. That's pretty amazing for our first month! Once we get through the remaining Hentai series - we're going to be adding Direct Downloads, Torrent Downloads, 3D Hentai Movies, Hentai Games, and Doujinshi.

What does this mean for you guys? We're going to compile the largest list of EVERYTHING-HENTAI available for you, all in one single place. You'll be able to watch and download the latest Hentai Movies, play the latest Hentai Games, read the latest Doujinshi, and make the first website you go to whenever you think about anything Hentai-related.

We're also the only Hentai website to offer high quality ENGLISH DUBBED HENTAI. That's right. Not only are a vast majority of our Hentai English Subtitled, (with some raw series - due to either no subtitled versions being available, or no groups subtitling them.), but we also offer, at present, over 100 English Dubbed Hentai episodes. We have hundreds more lined up, and more are added regularly.

With that being said, I'd like to welcome you all to - and I hope you guys remain here in the long run - as we plan on offering you all the largest selection of Hentai available anywhere.

So what's stopping you from bookmarking us? Bookmark us now, and join in!

MyHentaiStream.NET Launch!

Hey guys!

Just a friendly heads up: has officially launched! We're dedicated to bringing you both English SUBBED and English DUBBED Hentai series. That's right, both. The very first Hentai website of its kind. :] As such, it'll likely take us slightly longer to get series up as we have to locate both Dubbed and Subbed versions of the series'.

We're going to be populating the Hentai List slowly, but we're going to make sure we bring you guys the best quality Hentai we can, whilst also making sure to provide everyone with the choice to either watch it in English or Japanese. We may offer more in the future then just streams, but at the moment.. there isn't much need. There's a void in the Hentai Streaming community that we're going to fill! Keep an eye on MyHentaiStream and see what we have to offer you all!

Bookmark us, tell your Hentai streaming friends about us, and let's make MyHentaiStream the best Hentai Streaming site there is!

Well that's it for now.. if we can think of anything else, we'll likely update this for everyone. For the time being though.. Have fun streaming what we get up!